Concrete Polishing

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Homeowners, retailers, big-box stores, educational and medical facilities are discovering the amazing benefits of polished concrete for their floors.

Polished Concrete saves you money by using existing concrete, and its lower maintenance costs. Polished concrete floors Polished Concrete Baton Rouge City, UT | Superior Concrete Techare not as vulnerable to damage as other materials and do not need replacing. Polished Concrete is easy to clean, and won't harbor dust, dirt, allergens. Polished concrete is beautiful it is available in wide variety of colors and designs. Polished concrete is great for high foot traffic, saves energy by high light reflectivity, and is a great sustainable flooring alternative.

Superior Concrete Technologies is a leading installer of decorative and polished concrete in Baton Rouge. Our Scientific Concrete Polishing dustless refinement process is performed wet to maintain clean air, and maintain a safe job site. Scientific Concrete Polishing uses science to produce beautiful and long lasting floors that properly maintained can outlast many other flooring options.
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Benefits Of Scientific Concrete Polishing

  • Attractive Gloss and Light Reflectivity
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • High Wear Characteristics and Scratch Resistance
  • Safety – tested and approved to the high standards of NFSI – National Floor Safety Institute
  • Oil and Water Resistance
  • Increased Density and Hardness
  • Ability to create new color options through dyes (stain)

Scientific Concrete Polishing is Great For

  • Warehouses (distribution centers, shipping and receiving)
  • Factories (power plants and manufacturing plants)
  • Institutional Flooring (schools and universities, hospitals, museums, churches, nursing homes, jails and prisons, fire stations, stadiums, municipalities.
  • Military Buildings (aircraft hangar, military commissary)
  • Oil and water resistance
  • Manufacturing (automobile, food and beverage, pharmaceutical)
  • Retail (drugstore, dollar store, beer and wine store, beverage, hardware store, auto parts store, big box store, grocery stores)