Grand Flagstone

Superior Concrete Tech

Flagstone is a classic look that dates back to 13th century Europe where it was used for interior flooring on castles. Superior Concrete Technologies can give you the authentic look of large stone without breaking the bank! This decorative concrete system can turn any area into a custom work of art. With stamped concrete the same pattern is used throughout. Superior Concrete Technologies design's are 100% unique to the area. We Create over-sized stones on pool decks, patios, porches, and more. Stone texture troweling is done over hand-crafted patterns followed by a layered antiquing process for a natural flagstone look.

Our Grand Flagstone System is superior to traditional stamped concrete in many ways. Stamped concrete is just the same pattern replicated over and over, and our overlay technique gives you custom stones that like real stone. Our Grand Flagstone system is more cost effective, and created with industrial strength products. Our Coatings withstand the heaviest of traffic, and the most severe weather.  Contact us today for a free estimate!